Is CBD Dangerous?

Is CBD Dangerous?

What substances can be toxic?

As of this writing, another seemingly mainstream supported supplement is being found to have a toxic nature to it. ‘Carcinogens’ seems to be the buzzword populating articles from synthetic, all the way down the line to some natural products these days. For instance, plastic water bottles are even understood to be carcinogenic. If left in the sun for a long enough time; the carcinogens, in a heated state, enter the water and wa-lah; you’re now ingesting cancer-causing materials.

The point being that people are becoming more and more aware of what they are putting in their bodies, but do they know exactly what makes something dangerous to consume?

A safe supplement, at last!

In any discussion of toxicology, it is important to remember the fact, “The dose makes the poison.” To illustrate this point I use the example of water; in high enough doses water can be fatal. This may sound odd, but your body is in a constant state of trying to find equilibrium between sodium (solutes) and water (solutions). Imbalances, such as these, can cause organ systems to work abnormally and can lead to death or functional impairment. I’m sure plenty of our readers can remember the stories that they’ve heard about people experiencing very negative symptoms after trying the milk gallon challenge. All chemicals have a toxic level in the human body, it just depends on the nature of that substance.

CBD is a unique supplement in that it has not been found to have toxic dose, even at what some may consider very large concentrations. To this date, as is the case with marijuana, not a single person has been killed or hospitalized due to ingesting too much CBD.

Are there any negative side effects of CBD?

The only negative effects of CBD have been documented under the most extreme circumstances of use. Ingestion of abnormally high amounts of CBD has led to “dysphoric feelings” in very rare situations. These instances were recorded at dosage intakes higher than 2,000mg of daily use. Normal use consumption ranges from 5-200mg, often on the lower side. (This is not a recommendation, this is just what most CBD users tend to report regarding their daily intake).

To further emphasize this point, in over one thousand years of hemp use, there has never been a recorded case of fatality or major illness attributed to the use of CBD or hemp.

Who should not consume CBD?

If you’re concerned about taking CBD products, please consult your physician for more information. If you fall into any of the following categories, consult your physician before use regardless:

- Women who are pregnant or nursing
- Those under 18 years of age
- Those taking prescription medications, especially if your medication has poor interaction with grapefruit.

If you have any other questions regarding CBD oil use, check out our online community in our Facebook group “soothe™ CBD Community” to chat directly with our founders! We love talking CBD!

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