How to Give Your Pet CBD

How to Give Your Pet CBD

Why use CBD in Pet care?

CBD is beginning to show tremendous potential in pets in the same way it has been shown to help people. There is CBD hemp oil for dogs, CBD hemp oil for cats, and now other pets are starting to be able to experience the amazing benefits of CBD.  

Ways for Pets to take CBD

There are multiple routes of administration for CBD in pets and these methods are being expanded upon by the month. At the moment the two primary routes of administration involve taking CBD either orally or topically. This means that pets can either ingest CBD through the mouth, or it can be applied to their coat and absorbed through the skin below.

Orally: Pets can be given tinctures, otherwise known as pressed hemp seed oil (CBD), that can be dripped onto their tongues. These drops can come in different flavors and potencies. They are applied directly to the tongue, or they can be applied to various toys or treats for a more seamless administration. For example, CBD edibles for dogs are becoming a more prevalent item along CBD-based product lines. Some individuals are even creating their own CBD dog treat recipe so that they know the exact ingredients that are going into their little buddy’s diet.

When adding tinctures to food, the CBD is dripped onto the treat/meal and then allowed to sit for a few minutes to absorb. In fact, this general method should be followed for direct administration as well. In oil form, it takes approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute for the tincture-solution to absorb through the appropriate glands of the mouth.

Topically: Pets can also absorb CBD and experience its benefits through topical items such as shampoo. These products actually yield a significant improvement in absorption because the CBD is water soluble and can be better absorbed through the skin than in the mouth via oil form.  

Future Pet CBD Products

The CBD industry is changing everyday and new products are constantly being developed by companies that really care about innovating in the space. The future will inevitably show a push towards products that absorb more effectively and towards products that are easier for animals to palette. Be on the look-out for companies that stay up to date with the industry. There is always progress being made and the real winners know that it is a never ending process to ensure that your pet is able to experience CBD in the safest and most effective way possible.

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