How Different Terpenes Have Different Effects

How Different Terpenes Have Different Effects

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are a concept that may be confusing to some, but these substances are pivotal for any products derived from hemp or cannabis. Terpenes are essential aromatic oils produced by a variety of plants, including hemp and cannabis. Oils are secreted from the resin glands and are what give different cannabis/hemp strains their unique flavor profiles and aromas. Plants utilize these secretions as a way to ward off predators in the wild as they may be deterred by certain scents. On the other end of this, terpenes can be used to attract certain bugs that are necessary for the plants survival. This survival mechanism makes terpenes a significant and highly functional element for plants. 

In reference to how these substances influence taste, many terpene combinations have been described by users as fruity, earthy, minty, herbal, or other variations of these experiences. In the expansive list of terpenes that exist in every plant species, there are at least 100 known terpenes that come from cannabis and hemp plants. These oils open the door for a wide range of scents and flavor profiles to enhance products that utilize them for flavoring. Furthermore, the large number of terpene combinations may also impact the effects that your cannabis or CBD products yield.


In addition to aroma profiles, terpenes offer other functionality through the way they interact with other cannabinoids and your brain’s receptor cells. Knowing this fact has opened up potential research interests to the idea that terpenes play a role in the effects that different cannabis and hemp strains have on users. Terpenes act similarly to other cannabinoids in the sense that they bind to receptors in the endocannabinoid system, like CBD. Ultimately, using different terpene combinations will produce varying results based on what composition of molecules are being utilized. Some strains may be highlighted for their benefits towards promoting restful sleep, as others may be utilized for energy stimulation. This, in part, comes from the strain’s particular collection of terpenes and are based on what properties each of those molecules possess. Commonly discussed terpenes such as myrcene, linalool, caryophyllene, and limonene each have different effects on the endocannabinoid system. Using these terpenes in pairs will cause them to enhance each other's effects leading to a range of potential health benefits.  Additionally, these terpenes can be used to flavor your favorite CBD products - like our Sunkiss Puff vaporizer! This terpene combination is specifically designed to help stimulate energy in users while maintaining flavor profiles of pineapple and orange.

Terp, Terp, Terp-adelphia!

Learning more about terpenes can be an informative experience for any CBD or cannabis user.  Each terpene will have a significant impact on your experience with any cannabis or hemp based product. With that in mind, greater knowledge of terpenes can help point you in the direction of a product or strain that better suits your individual preference. Also, as always, consult a physician about any serious changes you plan to make to your diet.  Experimenting with a new terpene combination may be what you need to stay soothe™️!

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