Things You Should Know When You Begin Using CBD Products

Things You Should Know When You Begin Using CBD Products

How it Works

CBD works by creating balance in the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system naturally produces and reacts to its own cannabinoids and stimulates proper neurotransmitter release, but if there is a deficiency in this system, you might experience some bodily issues. Introducing CBD may support the immune system as well as supply a variety of potential health benefits necessary for general well-being.

How Long it Takes to Work

The length of time CBD will require to take effect depends on your method of intake. Usually, vaping will be the quickest intake method to take effect, since the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs. Another way people quickly see effects from CBD is by taking it under the tongue. Again, this allows quick absorption into the bloodstream. You can also take CBD in edible forms like gummies or capsules. These methods take longer to produce effects, but the effects usually last longer than the other options.

Some people use CBD topically to alleviate discomfort or for muscle soreness due to working out. These methods will take a while to have an effect, but, like edible forms of CBD, the effects of topical CBD can last longer.

Note that the amount of time required for any CBD products to take effect will vary between people, as will the effects themselves.

How Much CBD You Should Take

The amount of CBD you should take depends on a lot of factors, including what you’re comfortable with, why you’re taking it, and what you want the outcome to be. There’s really no one-dose-fits-all answer here. If you’re taking CBD as a supplement for its general benefits, you’ll likely take a smaller dose than if you are using it to see if it has benefits for certain issues. The general recommendation is to start with a smaller dose, and to adjust the dosage based on the perceived effects.

Side Effects

The great thing to know about CBD is that people generally don’t see negative side effects until it is taken in abnormally high doses—around 1,000 mg. This is much higher than the CBD content found in CBD products; for example, our vape pens contain 125 mg of CBD, and our gummies have 10 mg of Nano CBD per gummy. You’d need a lot of vape pens or gummies to see any negative effects!

Remember that overall, you should consult with your physician before taking CBD. Then, find a product you’re comfortable with and get started!

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