Will CBD get you high?

Will CBD get you high?

CBD is different than THC

A common misconception that has been erroneously tied to CBD is its relation to the psychoactive compound of the marijuana plant, THC.  Both are derived from either the hemp or cannabis plant. While it is true that these two substances make up the primary compositions of either type of marijuana related plant, it has been largely glossed over that CBD does not function like THC.

THC interacts directly with the area of the brain that stimulates a feeling of “getting high.”  CBD does not interact with this area directly, nor does it have the same effect as THC; it is a completely different chemical, and thus has a completely different activity in the body!  CBD is a totally non-psychoactive substance that is showing promise in producing numerous medicinal benefits.

How CBD should make you feel

Users of CBD tend to experience regulated mood while reporting no general impairment of any kind.  This is one of the many fascinating and enticing elements of CBD.

CBD is the product for anyone searching for an uplifting relaxation experience, without the grogginess, haziness or impairment that accompanies many psychoactive, chemically-based products these days.

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