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CBD Related Questions

What is CBD?

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) occurs naturally in the hemp/cannabis plant. CBD is the most common non-psychoactive cannabinoid found and scientists are studying it for its medicinal benefits.
  • ‘CBD oil’ is an oil extracted from the cannabis/hemp plant that features highly concentrated amounts of CBD.

What's the difference between hemp and marijuana?

  • Industrial Hemp and marijuana can be the same plant both scientifically and genetically with the genus and species name Cannabis Sativa. Marijuana is made up of three different strains; Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis whereas Industrial hemp is always a strain of Cannabis Sativa. Industrial hemp is made up of extremely fibrous long thick stalks and barely any flowering buds, which is the major difference as compared to marijuana. The marijuana strain of Cannabis Sativa is much smaller and bushier with larger flowering buds. Marijuana typically has large amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD. Industrial hemp is much different in that it has extremely low amounts of THC and significantly high amounts of CBD.  This is ideal for those looking for the benefits of cannabis without having to experience the psychoactive effects of THC.

  • Is CBD from hemp as good as CBD from marijuana (cannabis)?

  • Yes. Whether the CBD is extract from hemp or marijuana, there is no difference in quality of Cannabidiol. Marijuana plants typically have extremely low amounts of CBD whereas hemp plants have a significantly high amount of CBD, which is why most CBD is extracted from hemp plants.

  • Are there side effects to CBD oil?

    • The only negative effects of CBD have been documented under the most extreme circumstances of use. Ingestion of abnormally high amounts of CBD has led to “dysphoric feelings” in very rare situations. These instances were recorded at dosage intakes higher than 2,000mg of daily use (Average daily CBD consumption ranges from 100 - 200 mg, often lower)  
    • To further emphasize this point, in over one thousand years of hemp use, there has never been one recorded case of fatality or major illness contributed to its use.

    Will I experience a “High” while using any soothe™ products?

  • Soothe CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, which yields a product with such a small amount of THC prevalent that it has no biological activity in the body. Our CBD will provide you with mental clarity and an accompanying feeling of relaxation. No high! In fact, CBD operates along the same neurological pathway as THC and has been demonstrated to inhibit its effects in many cases. 

  • Can I mix your products with alcohol?

  • Yes, but do this at your own discretion. There is no evidence to support negative interactions between the 2 substances, but we do not have a recommendation for or against this.

  • Who should not take CBD hemp oil?

  • If you’re concerned at all about taking CBD products, consult your physician for more information. If you fall into any of the following categories, consult your physician regardless:
      • Women who are pregnant, or nursing
      • Children under 18 years old, unless given proper permission
      • Those taking prescription medications

    What’s the ideal serving size for me, and how often should I take it?

  • Due to current regulations, CBD companies are not allowed to make any dosage recommendations regarding their products. That being said, consumers should feel safe in finding out what amount works best for them.  As you’ll see in any available research, there is little to no risk in taking small or large doses of CBD.

  • Why do people use CBD oil? CBD oil benefits and uses?

  • People use CBD oil for a variety of purposes. In compliance with the US FDA regulations, we are not allowed to make direct health claims in regards to our CBD products. However, research indicates that CBD could have applications in:
    • Inflammation
    • Anxiety
    • Pain relief
    • Troubled or restless sleep
    • Nicotine addiction

    *We encourage you to do your own research before you try any CBD product.*

    What is Supercritical CO2 Extraction?

  • Contrary to what the name may suggest, this process is very simple to understand; the two primary components are temperature and pressure.  CO2, a molecule that every person exhales when they breathe, is pressurized to a high enough extent that it is turned into a liquid (CO2 is kept cool to maintain its liquid form). This is a normal phase change that doesn’t alter any chemicals. Since all cannabinoids are an oil in their active form, they are nonpolar. This means that nonpolar CO2, at high pressures, is able to pull all of those constituents out of the raw plant into solution as it’s ran through the plant materials as a liquid. After the solution has accrued all of these components, including CBD, the solution is then pumped from an area of high pressure to low pressure while simultaneously being heated. This heating allows for the CO2 to convert back to a gas and evaporate.  At the same time, this lower pressure decreases the solubility of CO2 and so the oils begin to ‘precipitate’ out. This solution is then collected and bam… you have soothe™ CBD oil. This process yields the purest form of CBD possible with a non-toxic solvent that has no negative effects in the body- we breathe it. Although this method is a bit more expensive, it provides one of the cleanest and most flavorful products possible. Remember that you are always safe with soothe™.