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CBD While Pregnant or Nursing

CBD, Pregnancy & Nursing

Whether you are thinking of adding to your family, are pregnant, or already have an infant, you’re probably wondering if you can take CBD and if it is all right for your baby’s development. First off, congratulations! What an exciting time in your life!

CBD’s Potential

While you may already be using CBD for potential benefits with no problems, the reality is that there are plenty of things that can cause risks to your baby even if they don’t affect you. For example, it’s recommended to limit caffeine intake during pregnancy. Along those same lines, your baby may have allergies that mean you won’t be able to eat certain foods while breastfeeding.

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant—the same plant that THC is derived from. We know THC should definitely not be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, since it can be dangerous for a developing baby. In terms of CBD, though, there’s really not a lot of research done around its effects when used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. While the endocannabinoid system develops very early and plays a part in brain development, introducing cannabinoids as your baby develops might harm him or her.

The Big Deal

There is definitely some risk involved in using CBD while pregnant or nursing, since we just don’t know enough one way or another. While CBD might offer some benefits (as long as there is no THC in it), we don’t know with complete confidence that it poses no risks to your baby. We recommend looking into the studies that are available and discussing this choice with your physician and your partner.