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Choosing the Best CBD Product for You

How to Choose a CBD Product

So, you’ve heard about CBD’s potential benefits and decided to give it a try. But, when you get online to make the purchase, you find that there are a whole host of CBD products out there. How do you pick the right one?

First, consider who it’s for. If it’s for your pet, the most useful products will be CBD oil/tincture or CBD pet treats, since these are the easiest way for animals to take CBD. If the CBD is for you (a human), the type of product you choose will probably be based on what you are using it for, how quickly you want the CBD to take effect, and your preferred method of CBD intake.

Methods of Taking CBD

People say that any of these CBD intake methods can help with pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, energy levels, and more.

CBD has been shown to have many potential benefits, including helping with clear, youthful-looking skin. If this is a CBD benefit you would like to see for yourself, try a CBD anti-aging cream or CBD lotion. Most of the time, these products are made with other natural ingredients.

If you are looking for an alternative way to address pain, you could try vaping, CBD gummies, CBD oil/tincture, or CBD isolate powder. There are also topical CBD rubs that might help with muscle soreness or joint pain.

Vaping, gummies, oils/tinctures, and isolate powders all vary in their strength and effectiveness, as well as the issues they can be used to address. For example, vaping usually allows the CBD to take effect more quickly than other methods, since the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs. Because people usually feel the effects more quickly from vaping, vaping is the recommended method for people who want to use CBD for anxiety or related issues.

You can also take CBD oil/tincture or CBD isolate powder by placing it under your tongue. Similar to vaping, this method allows the CBD to take effect quickly since it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Finally, you can mix CBD oil or powder in with food or drink, or you can take CBD gummies or capsules. For a lot of people, these are the easiest methods—we’re all used to eating and drinking! The ingestion method may take a while to produce a milder result, but the effects usually last longer than the vaping or sublingual methods.

It’s up to You

There are definitely a few things to consider when it comes to choosing a CBD product, but in the end, we hope you choose a product that you are comfortable with. Note that regardless of the product you choose, you may have to experiment with how much you take and how often. For example, if you are taking CBD oil to see if it helps your migraines, you would start with a lower dose and work up to a dose that seems effective. Start with a small dose (e.g., one puff of CBD vape, one CBD gummy, a cup of tea with CBD isolate powder) and work your way up until you find the amount that fits your needs. And, like with any dietary supplement, talk to your doctor about your symptoms, your doctor’s recommendations, and if they have concerns about you taking CBD. And, once you’re ready, go ahead and pick the CBD product that fits best with your lifestyle and your needs!