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Wait… what is MCT?

I thought I was reading about CBD… not computer coding…

Hold on, before you turn and run, let’s take a look at some popular vaporizer-carrier agents. With the popularity of vaporizers and e-cigarettes increasing tenfold in recent times, it’s important to understand some of the pivotal ingredients you may be consuming, beyond CBD or THC. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the commonly known psychoactive chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. While THC is used for its recreational and medicinal purposes, CBD is being extracted in products like vaporizers, oils, edibles, and more in an attempt to isolate the benefits of it from either the hemp or cannabis plant. Users of hemp products should be curious to decipher what is being used to dissolve CBD in their vaporizers, as the potential health benefits are extremely relevant.

Dissolving Agents

What should I be looking for? Which agent is best for my health? Does soothe™️ use dissolving agents that are good for my health?

Yes… and we’re excited to tell you that… but let’s dive a bit further into it first.  

Producers of vaporizers have been commonly using oils like Hemp Oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), Propylene Glycol (PG), and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), to dissolve CBD and THC for vaporization. What does this mean? In order to use a vaporizer, these cannabinoids are mixed with a thinning agent that allows it to be vaporized and absorbed into the body. Some thinning agents can produce harmful carbonyl compounds, known carcinogens, when heated. This is exactly why it is beneficial to take note of which oils are being used to dissolve your CBD products. As mentioned, at soothe,™️ our CBD vaporizers utilize Fractionated Coconut (MCT) Oil. MCT has been found to be a healthier option when it comes to vaporizing agents. MCT is found in food products like coconut or palm kernel oil. It is a highly refined food-grade oil that is a great carrier for cannabinoids. On the other side of the field, PG has been a popular agent as it is bland and flavorless, effectively dissolving CBD while not interfering with desired flavors. Users of PG may experience drying of the mouth or throat, as PG is known to absorb moisture. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is thicker a solution compared to PG, and is also sweeter in taste, but functions in the same way.

Using these thicker, non-food based solutions poses a health risk to vape users due to the carcinogenic byproducts that are left behind when combusted. Since many batteries are imperfect, and many users don't know how to properly gauge temperature settings, there is a strong likelihood that their solutions will reach combustion level temperatures at some point during use. Both PG and VG are related as precursors to formaldehyde and so at a higher temperatures they can produce this substance as a byproduct, which you'd then inhale. That being the case, MCT inhalation is not without its faults. Extended over-use of MCT based oil solutions can cause a temporary condition known as lipid pneumonia. This is a build up of oil in the lungs that coats the exterior and prevents optimal oxygen exchange with the air you breathe. Typical users shouldn't be able to reach this level of MCT over-inhalation, but it is always important to know all of the risks associated with your vaporizer. As with putting anything that's not oxygen into your lungs, be careful and do so responsibly. Until a safer solution is invented, the best option remains MCT oil.

Final Thoughts

For those new to vaporizers, or CBD in general, it may feel a bit over your head to start diving into cannabinoid thinning agents… but that’s why we’re here. On top of bringing you premium quality CBD products, we are here to start the conversation, and to curate effective information about cannabidiol and its amazing benefits. This is why we’ve taken the first step for you, by making our CBD Vaporizers work in favor of your health by utilizing the safest possible option, MCT oil. Additionally, you can easily reach our team through Facebook, Instagram, and on our website if you have any more questions about what is all involved with CBD vaporization. With the hemp and cannabis industries emerging at a rapid rate, its important to stay up to date with the most current information. Stay soothe!