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Nano CBD

An Introduction to Nano CBD

If you are not yet familiar with CBD, then you may not realize just how beneficial the substance is. CBD is an all-natural botanical found in the hemp plant. Many people associate CBD with marijuana, but the two are vastly different. For one thing, CBD oil and CBD products do not have the THC that marijuana does. THC is the part of the marijuana plant that is responsible for its psychotropic effect—in other words, getting high. However, CBD is not associated with that at all, but it does have some pretty big health benefits that you should be aware of. In fact, many people are calling CBD oil a miracle drug because of how many different things it may help with, and now with the introduction of Nano CBD, you can do even more with it.

The Psycho-activity of CBD Oil

One of the questions that people have when it comes to CBD oil is whether or not it is psychoactive. However, the term actually is misleading; because psychoactive means that it has psychological effects. CBD oil does have psychological effects, as some of the benefits that you get from it are psychological; however, psychoactive is not the same thing as psychotropic. Psychotropic means that a substance gets you high while psychoactive substances may not. CBD products contain no THC whatsoever, so they are not able to alter your state of mind like a drug or make you high.

Understanding Nano CBD

The next big advancement is CBD is Nano CBD. Nano CBD is an exciting step forward because you are able to administer CBD oil much more efficiently and in many different forms. In addition, the bioavailability of CBD oil is greater when you use Nano CBD. The proper name for it is: Nano-Emulsification. This is what happens when you make all-natural CBD into a water-soluble solution. The process amplifies basic CBD and creates a much more potent product.

When it comes to basic CBD consumer products, about 90 percent of the product is wasted because the body is not able to absorb it. The reason for this is simple. Like all phytocannabinoids, CBD particles are around 2000 Nanometers in size. But human cells cannot absorb particles that large with much efficiency. In fact, they don’t even come close. Human cells typically absorb particles of 60 to 80 Nanometers in size. That means that the CBD must be broken down in order for it to be absorbed, and this process ends up wasting most of the CBD ingested.

The difference with Nano CBD is that it is extremely absorbable, much more so than basic CBD. That’s because the CBD molecules are made 100 times smaller and can reach sizes of nearly 16 Nanometers. What this means is that you waste almost nothing of the CBD that you intake.

How Nano CBD is Administered

There are many different ways that Nano CBD can be administered. This is one of the biggest advantages in using it. There are some restrictions with regular CBD as far as how it is administered, but the smaller size means that Nano CBD can be administered in a variety of ways, and if you look around the web, you will notice that many of those solutions are already available. Some of the ways in which Nano CBD can be administered include: transdermal patches, water-soluble powders, sprays, oils, liquids, and more. This means that you may have a better chance of finding a way to administer CBD that you prefer when choosing Nano CBD products.

The Benefits of Nano CBD

Finally, you want to understand what the benefits are regarding CBD, and more specifically, Nano CBD. There are actually some pretty significant advantages to using CBD oil or Nano CBD in your life. In fact, CBD is one of the few things out there that may actually make a pretty significant impact on chronic pain without the high that comes from using opioids or the possibility of addiction and overdose. Pain relief, especially in chronic pain, is a problem that many people around the world face and the standard method to treat severe pain reliably has been through the use of dangerous opioids.

In addition, CBD oil may also help with the treatment of some forms of cancer. There has been some early research showing that CBD has a positive effect on several different forms of cancer. These include: breast cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, thyroid cancer and colon cancer. It may also include leukemia, lymphoma and tumors within the endocrine system. Specifically, results have pointed towards an ability to reduce the growth and metastization of cancerous cells. However, currently there isn’t enough research to make any sort of claim guaranteeing this, but it is worth noting. Research is promising and more light will be shed on the subject over the next few years. That being said, if you are receiving treatment for cancer, you may want to try CBD oil anyways because it can help to reduce some of the side effects of chemotherapy. Just as medical marijuana has been shown to alleviate side effects of cancer treatment, CBD oil by itself has benefits that may help patients with their treatment as well.

There is also some evidence that CBD may help with certain mental health conditions. Of course, this includes Nano CBD because the more potent a substance, the more effective it can be in treating conditions.. In the case of mental health, CBD has been shown to help with certain psychotic symptoms. This sentiment has been echoed in research that has been undergone for decades. The much more common symptoms or mental illnesses of depression and anxiety may also be alleviated with the use of CBD. Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental health issues, and many people find that medical marijuana helps with the symptoms. CBD oil offers the same benefits, especially in Nano CBD form, without the high.

In addition, the relationship between nanotechnology and bioavailability is not a new concept. The vitamin/supplement industry has been utilizing this technology for a number of years. This is how they are able to create better absorbable and more effective products over time. The research follows the logic that: the smaller a substance is, the easier it is to be absorbed by the cells of the human body.

Finally, there are various other things that CBD oil can benefit like: improving acne and making your skin look healthier, or helping to reduce seizures in epileptics. It has also been shown to promote a healthy heart and cardiovascular system; it is even an antibacterial so if you have any sort of bacterial infection, you can use CBD oil to improve recovery.