free shipping on all U.S. orders over $75!*

Shipping Related Questions

1. What time should I order to ensure my package is sent the same day as I ordered?
  • In order to ensure that your package is sent out the same day as ordered, you must place your order by 10:00am EST (Eastern Standard Time).
2. I am trying to purchase overseas. Why won’t it let me complete my order?
  • Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally.
3. When can I expect my order to be shipped?
  • Most orders are shipped the same day or by the next business day.
4. How are Soothe™ products packed and shipped?
  • All Soothe™ products are shipped through USPS with the following options:
  • USPS First Class Package

5. What is your shipping policy?

  • USA shipping only
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Free returns

6. My package was not delivered by the expected delivery date. What can I do about this?

  • Keep in mind USPS may experience delays when shipping your package. If your order has experienced a delay, please contact USPS or your local post office.