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CBD Isolate Mix Powder

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Our Mix Powder (THC Free) is 99.9% pure isolate CBD that contains no oil. This is the most versatile way of consuming CBD because the powder mix can be dissolved in any beverage and mixed into any food.

CBD Powder Mix May Help With

  • Reducing inflammation post-workout
  • Increasing energy before and during a workout
  • Alleviating pain and inflammation
  • Reducing stress and anxiousness
  • Increasing energy (in small doses)
  • Facilitating sleep (in higher doses)
  • Counteracting restlessness (in higher doses)
  • Regulating mood

CBD Isolate Use Instructions

  • Self serve and adjust your daily consumption for individual efficacy. (size of pinky finger)

    Mixing with liquid

    • The powder is most easily dissolved in warm water. Add a small amount to water, coffee, tea, milk, juice, soft drink or other water based beverage.

    Mixing with food

    • Sprinkle or mix the powder in with food.
    • Do not microwave.
    • Avoid baking above 400 degrees.

CBD Isolate Mix Ingredients

This patented extraction technology achieves 99.99+ Cannabidiol (CBD) extract in the form of a raw crystallized powder. This product is THC Free.

*Keep product out of the light and in a dry space. Try to keep the product room temperature.

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