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Vegan CBD Gummies Five Pack

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organic practices | gluten-free ingredients | vegan ingredients | pesticide-free farming practices | kosher friendly

Each of our Gummies offer 5mg of Isolate CBD along with B12 Vitamins and electrolytes for a boost of energy. We infuse the gummies with terpenes to provide an amazing taste with uplifting effects. Start your day the right way with a healthy boost from Soothe!


Vegan CBD Gummies May Help With

  • Increasing energy
  • Increasing mental clarity
  • Increasing focus
  • Alleviating stress and anxiousness
  • Alleviating pain and inflammation
  • Decreasing muscle soreness from exercise


  • Chew the gummies completely for best results.
  • Start with 1-2 (5-10mg) gummies daily and increase as needed.

Gummy Details

  • Vegan CBD Gummies
  • Organic CBD Gummies
  • 5 Gummies per bag
  • 5mg of Isolate CBD per Gummy
  • Weight: 10g


    • 5mg of CO2 Extracted Isolate CBD per gummy
    • Fruit Juice Concentrate
    • Vegetable Juice Concentrate
    • Organic Terpenes (for flavor and effect)
    • Agar Agar
    • Agave Syrup
    • Electrolytes
    • Vitamin B12

    *Actual gummies are shaped like bears

    *Please consult your physician before using

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