affiliates & influencers

Affiliates & Influencers

Thanks for your interest in joining our affiliate team! We have a simple, yet, lucrative program :)


Each affiliate is gifted a custom 10% off discount code. This is link / discount is promoted to your audience and is used to track all sales.

Once per month, our team pays out each affiliate a portion of the revenue their code generated. This commission percentage differs from affiliate to affiliate. Also, don't worry about competing with Soothe for maintaining your customers!! When the Soothe website is hosting a sale, we create custom codes for all of our affiliates. This allows everyone to offer the same deal and incentivizes your audience to purchase through your code versus the generic one our brand offers!

Each affiliate is gifted free product monthly if your code generates over $350 in that 30 day period. The more revenue you drive, the more money and incentives you receive!!

Apply Today!!

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