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quality control

We Take Quality Control Seriously

Plant-Based & All-Natural Ingredients

We start by using plant-based & all-natural ingredients sourced with integrity. We truly care about what our community puts into & onto their body and we believe in creating a new frontier of plant-based wellness.


Where Do We Lab Test Our Products?

Our preferred third-party lab is C4 Laboratories in Mesa, Arizona. C4 abides by the strictest testing standards in the United States for cannabis and hemp following an outline provided by the state of Oregon. C4 Laboratories operates with ISO 19075:2018 certifications.


Testing the Extracts

We partner with top quality extraction labs to produce cannabinoid rich extracts – we prefer to work with distillates. The extraction lab provides a lab analysis to determine potency and safety of the extract. Once we receive the extract, we send a sample to our preferred third-party lab to ensure the product matches the provided tests on potency and safety. This includes cannabinoid & terpene content, residual solvents, heavy metals, mold/microbial, and pesticides.


Testing the Final Product

We partner with manufacturers who are pioneers and veterans in their perspective niche. The hemp extracts are sent to our partners for infusion into a final product. We conduct a potency test before the bottling process to ensure the product contains the right number of cannabinoids. After the product is bottled and complete, we send a full product to the lab for another analysis to ensure zero contamination in the bottling process.

Once the product passes our rigorous standards, we release it for sale :)