We Pledge

To eradicate the stigma. Mental illness affects everyone, regard - less of the degrees of separation be - tween the afflicted and the affected. If we want a healthy community, we need to improve the wellness of all its members. Through the open discussion and active effort to de-stigmatize mental illness, we hope to begin a revolution towards acceptance and recovery. We pledge to donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations that seek to facilitate mind + body health.

Cannabis and its derivatives are finally being recognized for their true powers in healing and health. If we want to help others understand the medicinal benefits of cannabis and CBD products, we just help end the stigma surrounding the plant through active conversation and ongoing education. We pledge to engage with industry partners and supporters to help shift forward the traditional mindset surrounding the cannabis plant and its use.

To Take Our Next Steps Together

Soothe was developed by a group of friends who, through different paths of their own, came to realize and under - stand the incredible benefits CBD could offer them. Once we found our respites from chronic pain, anxiety and long days, we finally looked up and said, Oh, hey. And then we said, Let’s take the rest of this journey together.

We give 10% of profits to organizations (like NAMI - the National Alliance for Mental Illness) that support mental health awareness and conversation.