why soothe?

we'll nurture

Soothe is dedicated to mindful practices from seed to sale, with conscious business operations that include sustainable farming, innovative product development, community support and advocacy of mind + body balance. Soothe is committed to building a community that breaks stigmas surrounding mental illness and cannabis, providing education and promoting open dialogue that ultimately empowers others to find health.

we'll empower

From inspiring creativity to aiding in physical, mental and addiction recovery, Soothe seeks to help others discover, create and reach their full potential. Soothe aims to sustain a community of wellness-oriented individuals who empower one another to overcome their obstacles and pursue their unique purposes, collectively.

we pledge

To eradicate the stigma. Mental illness affects everyone, regard - less of the degrees of separation be - tween the afflicted and the affected. If we want a healthy community, we need to improve the wellness of all its members. Through the open discussion and active effort to de-stigmatize mental illness, we hope to begin a revolution towards acceptance and recovery. We pledge to donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations that seek to facilitate mind + body health.